Snow Day

The perfect blend for the holidays season!!!

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Stay comfortably at home with a cup of this herbal teas with cinnamon and orange taste. This is the perfect blend for the holiday season. To be consumed with friends and family. Let it snow, let it snow ...

The main benefits of the ingredients we use:

Ginger: Anti-inflammatory, Facilitates digestion, Reduces the feeling of tiredness

Cinnamon: Antioxidant, Helps fight diabetes

Nettle: Facilitates iron absorption, Diuretic, Antioxidant, Promotes attention, concentration and memory

Orange: Stimulates the immune system, Antioxidant, Rich in Vitamin C

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cinnamon, ginger, nettle, clove, mulberry leaf, orange zest, candied pineapple, orange, cardamom, popcorn, peppercorn, natural orange flavour
How to taste it
Number of Teatap spoons 1,25 tea spoon
Hot water quantity 250 ml ml
Water temperature 95° °
Infusion time 6 - 8 min min
Moment of the day Afternoon, Evening
Number of Teatap spoons 3 TeaTap spoon
Water quantity 1 liter ml
Water temperature Température ambiante
Infusion time 5 - 8 hours in the fridge
Moment of the day Afternoon, Evening

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