Organic strawberry jam

Blend of strawberry, hibiscus and elderberries. More than an herbal tea, a summer delight.

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Strawberry addict? More seriously, who can resist? Sweet and fruity, they are full of summer flavors. We add hibiscus flowers to reduce acidity, elderberry flowers for lychee notes, carrots and beetroot with sweet notes. Delicious hot, this blend is perfect iced. To impress your friends, mix this tea with your favorite alcohol.

Main benefits of the ingredients we use:

Hibiscus: Diuretic, Act against hypertension and cholesterol, Relaxing

Elderflower: Antioxidant, Diuretic

Rose petals: Relaxing, Strengthen the immune system

Carrots: Antioxidant, Fight against anemia

Beetroot: Antioxidant, Relaxing

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Pack 100 gr
Pack 500 gr

9,38 €

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How to taste it
Number of Teatap spoons 1,25 tea spoon
Hot water quantity 250 ml ml
Water temperature 95° °
Infusion time 6 - 8 min min
Moment of the day After lunch, Evening, Afternoon
Number of Teatap spoons 3 TeaTap spoon
Water quantity 1 liter ml
Water temperature Température ambiante
Infusion time 5 - 8 hours in the fridge
Moment of the day After lunch, Afternoon, Evening

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