Gyokuro Asahi

Enticing umami flavors of fresh green grasses, just picked vegetables and green tea fields.

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Bold and overflowing with the bright green chlorophyll notes of fresh green grasses and freshly picked vegetables. Refreshing with much sweet umami flavor. Deep in tradition, rich in flavor, high in energy and packed caffeine!

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green tea (Uji province Japan)
How to taste it
Number of Teatap spoons 1 teaspoon
Hot water quantity 250 ml ml
Water temperature 70° °
Infusion time 1 - 2 min min
Moment of the day Morning, Afternoon, After lunch
Number of Teatap spoons 3 TeaTap spoon
Water quantity 1 liter ml
Water temperature Température ambiante
Infusion time 5 - 8 hours in the fridge
Moment of the day After lunch, Afternoon, Morning

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