Organic Green Mangosteen

Green tea and mangosteen, simple and satisfying. Good for health and great  for taste buds!

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Called “fruit of the gods”, the mangosteen has great health benefits Our blend embodies the best of this fruit.   Its fruity and floral character will brighten your day. It is delicious as hot tea and wonderful  iced too. Great taste, great health...

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organic green tea (China), organic mangosteen, pétale de rose bio, natural mango flavour, natural passionfruit flavour
How to taste it
Number of Teatap spoons 1 teaspoon
Hot water quantity 250 ml ml
Water temperature 85° °
Infusion time 3 - 4 min min
Moment of the day Morning, Afternoon, After lunch
Infusion time 5 - 8 hours in the fridge
Moment of the day After lunch, Afternoon, Morning

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