Perfect TeaTap Infuser 0,5L

Our magical accessory to make your loose leaf tea effortlessly!

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This sensational accessory is just like a teapot, but much more practical ! It allows you to infuse your tea and then place the infuser directly on top of your mug to pour out your tea while keeping your tea leaves in the infuser. What is this wizardry you ask? The bottom of the infuser is equipped with a valve that is triggered by weight and opens automatically when it's placed on your mug. The result? Your steeped tea flows out and, thanks to a specially-designed filtration system, the tea leaves stay in the infuser. Incredible! 
How to use it: 
1. Add your favourite tea to the infuser using our TeaTap Tea Spoon (1 tea spoon for 40 cl of water). 
2. Pour your hot water and infuse your tea.
3. Place the infuser on top of your mug in order to pour your tea directly in your mug and keep the tea leaves in the infuser. 
4. Enjoy ! 
P.S. To make an unforgettable iced tea, double the quantity of tea for the same amount of water and pour your infused tea directly on a glass filled with ice cubes.

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