Herbal Tea & Infusion
victim of its own success
Hibiscus sunset

Hibiscus sunset

Bright and tart blend of orange and hibiscus

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Our sweet and tart blend of hibiscus and orange is sure to brighten your day. Our caffeine free herbal tea is fruity and citrusy with a hint of tropical maracuja on the nose. Whether you choose to sweeten it or drink it straight, hot or iced, this refreshing blend is guaranteed sunshine in your cup!

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apple, rosehip, hibiscus, orange, natural orange flavour
How to taste it
Number of Teatap spoons 1 teaspoon
Hot water quantity 250 ml ml
Water temperature 95° °
Infusion time 6 - 8 min min
Moment of the day Afternoon, Evening
Number of Teatap spoons 3 TeaTap spoon
Water quantity 1 liter ml
Water temperature Température ambiante
Infusion time 5 - 8 hours in the fridge
Moment of the day Afternoon, Evening

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