Matcha beginner's Box

Matcha beginner's Box

Perfect box for matcha beginners

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Do you want to learn the miracle matcha? Nothing like this box to discover this drink with a thousand virtues. 200 times richer in antioxidants than Goji berries, Matcha eliminates toxins and strengthens your body. Matcha is the result of grinding, usually in a small and slow stone mill, some of the finest, freshest tea leaves into a fine powder that can be whisked or shaken into water. This powder does not dissolve, it becomes suspended in the water when whisked, it even produces a delicious froth, bright green.

This pack contains our organic Matcha Izumi, our matcha bowl, our whisk (chasen in Japanese) and our matcha spoon.

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  • matcha
    28,44 € In Stock

    1 x

    An appealing blend of toasted rice and full bodied sencha tea laced with a very umami character matcha.

    28,44 €
  • Matcha Accessories
    12,50 € In Stock

    1 x

    Traditional bamboo whisk, known as "chasen" in Japan.

    12,50 €

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